Thank you for visiting my website. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. If you have worked with me in the past, you most likely know me as Jennifer Conner. I was recently married and now go by the name Jennifer Ambrose. In October of 2009, I started my own company called O’Sketch Studio, LLC. I have an educational background in interior and environmental design and have been an apprentice in the fine arts since childhood. Prior to starting my own business, I was an associate and lead designer for the award winning architecture and interior design firm Aumiller Youngquist, P.C.  I have also worked with Walt Disney Imagineering in Orlando, Florida as well as Aria Group Architects. Throughout my career, it has always been important to me to remain an artist accomplished in hand sketching and a designer with strong computer design skills.  My abilities to fuse both talents make my designs truly unique to each client.  At an early age I was taught that all design begins with a simple sketch. It is because of this philosophy that I have been able to cross over in other design fields to utilize my creative talents in multiple disciplines.

Jennifer Ambrose, O'Sketch Studio, LLC



O'Sketch Studio, LLC Design Services

The services I provide include architectural illustrations and renderings as well as conceptual design and hand sketches.

In regards to Interior Concepts & 3D Renderings, my client base consists of architecture and interior design firms.  I can fill the need for an affordable yet creative, skilled designer without a long term commitment or additional third party involvement.  Whether we work together on concept designs or if you simply need design deliverables developed to showcase your ideas, I welcome the opportunity to work with other creative talent.  I have a passion for developing renderings.  With my design experience and background, I can provide a quick rendering service with as much or as little design input as the client prefers.