O'Sketch Story

If you’ve checked out osketchstudio.com prior to the launching of the official website, you’ve seen an animation that was developed with the intention of giving a sneak preview of the O’Sketch Studio brand.    I’d like to now take the time to break down the animation and explain the essence of O’Sketch Studio, LLC along with how the name and brand was formed.  If you haven’t seen the animation, you can view it by clicking here.

O'Sketch Studio, LLC Story

When coming up with a name for my company, it was important for me to describe myself without actually stating my name. I wanted a name that wasn’t too serious or intimidating, but still had significant meaning.  The O’Sketch is derived from the two lineages in my family.  My grandmother, Shirley Gross, (on my mother’s side of the family) was an extremely talented oil painter.  As a young child, I was given art lessons by my grandmother and began painting with oils at the age of ten.  The most important message that has always stuck with me throughout the years was a quote she wrote in the first sketch book she gave me expressing the importance of sketching.  I truly feel that has shaped my career and approach to many things in life.  So, it was crucial to have the word “SKETCH” in the name.  Now, my grandfather, “Lefty” Conner (on my father’s side of the family) was a very influential person in my life as well.  Not only did I look up to him as an athlete, as he was a professional baseball player, I was always inspired by his integrity and spirit.  After a recent trip to Ireland, I learned our family name “Conner” came from the Irish name OConnor.  Having always been proud of my Irish heritage, I wanted to keep a little of the Irish essence and luck in my company name.  By adding the “O’” into my company name I feel like both of my families, which have shaped who I have become, are represented equally.  As for the “STUDIO” part of the name, for many years I have had an art studio that I rent at The Fulton Street Collective.  It started out as a place for me to paint but now serves as design office & studio as well!

O'Sketch Studio, LLC Quotes

As I already described, one of the three quotes was taken from my first sketch book and was a message from my Grandmother.  The other quote was something I discovered a few years ago when I was going through the art studio I inherited from my grandmother.  I came across her very first sketch book.  Inside the front cover was a quote that had been typed (on a typewriter).  It was apparent it had been taped in there by her art instructor that had given the sketch book as a gift.  The art instructor had quoted Robert Henri to be an inspiration for the beginning of my grandmother’s art journey.  I began to see how my Grandmother had given me her interpretation of the message and passed it along to me.  I decided to pass along the essence of the same message.

 “Everything Begins with a Simple Sketch” – O’Sketch Studio, LLC

O'Sketch Studio, LLC Logo

The logo is intentionally simplistic.  Although the obvious interpretation is the sketched circle appearing as an “O,” it is also meant to illustrate the most basic form of sketching one of the most basic shapes, a circle.  The symbolisms in circles alone have had so many inspirational meanings throughout the years, but this one emphasizes how simply every design starts, in such a basic form, and how important it is to not skip that step.  The way one is taught to draw a “perfect” circle by hand is by starting to draw in multiple circular motions without picking up the pencil.  Notice the circle is one continuous line.  The logo combines hand sketching and lettering as well as computer generated graphic line work and text, thus emphasizing the value of both.  Hand sketching and computer generated designs are equally important in all design work.